UK Emergency Medical Transport offer a professional, reliable and flexible Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service.


Throughout the country on a daily basis we help patients ;


* attending hospital outpatient clinics

* being admitted to or discharged from hospital

* needing life-saving treatments such as chemotherapy or renal dialysis

* direct transfers to and from hospitals to other treatment facilities

* returning home / respite care


UK Emergency Medical Transport

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service

provides a dedicated fleet of Ambulances and Medicars. We offer a flexible 24-7 Patient Transport Service.

We work with a number of NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups ( CCGs )

to provide Specialist Renal Patient Ambulances as well as delivering Out Of Hours Discharge Services.

UK Emergency Medical Transport are much more than just door-to-door Patient Transport.


We design Personal Transport Services for each of our Patients.

Our highly-trained, caring and dedicated Ambulance Crews

use the latest technology and a modern fleet of Ambulances to ensure each Patient’s journey,

is tailored to their individual medical needs.

UK Emergency Medical Transport

" Our Patient Transport Ambulances, are leading the way in delivering,

safe, compliant and high quality Patient Transport Services. "

Our Ambulances are equipped with piped oxygen, advanced first aid equipment and

automated external defibrillators ( AED's ).

NHS Eligibility Criteria

What You Need to Know When Booking Patient Transport Services

You may be Eligible for ( Nepts )

Non - Emergency Patient Transport Services

with UK Emergency Medical Transport  Ambulance Patient Transport Services

If you have a medical condition which could stop you getting to your appointment by any other means.

When you Telephone our Control Room


( North West of England Region )


Telephone - 01204 402030


( Other UK Regions )


Telephone - 07796 718 654


You will need your NHS Number

You can get your NHS Number from your

GP, Doctor, Hospital or Clinic.

Please tell us about your Mobility


Tell us if you need someone to accompany you due to a specific need - An Escort or Carer.

We also need to know of any other requirements you may have to make sure the right type of Ambulance Transport is booked for you.

These questions will be asked every time you need to book Ambulance Transport

unless you are a Renal Dialysis or Cancer Patient.

You will be asked about your Medical Condition/s and your Mobility.


The questions have been designed to make sure that we understand your needs and improve the quality of our service

by matching our Ambulance Transport with your Medical needs.

We provide a range of different Ambulance vehicle types and levels of care, appropriate for your Medical needs,

to make sure you travel as Safe and as Comfortably as possible to and from your Appointment/s.

If you are Not Eligible we will refer you to information regarding

transport alternatives and information on how to get help with travel costs.